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K9 offers Invisible Fence® Brand customers a cost effective alternative for their battery needs. Since 2007, we have been your trusted source for your Invisible Fence® batteries.  We offer high quality aftermarket Invisible Fence® batteries manufactured right here in the USA.
Not a cheap Knockoff...
Aftermarket batteries so good, they're patented 
John Purtell
If anyone knows how important the Power Cap® is to Invisible Fence® owners it would be founder John Purtell, now President of the Pet Stop brand. John and his team created the original Power Cap® to ensure the optimal performance of your fence and to keep your treasured pet safe, first and foremost - however, that didn’t mean that there wasn’t room for improvement.

To help improve the battery John called on an expert, Scott Touchton, the previous 
EChief ngineer of Invisible Fence® and the person who managed the team who invented the original Power Cap®. The goal was to eliminate mechanical failures that could jeopardize your pet’s safety, so we focused on improving the contact design for better conductivity. We wanted the battery to be more rugged and fire proof, given the recent problems with Chinese batteries. The result was a power source that was designed to delight you, the Invisible Fence® owner and to guarantee a battery that will last longer than the original design.
Pet Stop is proud to come out with an aftermarket battery that discriminating Invisible Fence® owners can have complete confidence is equal to or better than the original. Guaranteed. Our patent on the battery improvements speaks for itself. And, it doesn’t hurt that you save a little cash too.

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